Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home, Sweet... SNOW?!

So, I'm back in South Carolina, all settled in. We had a few days of carpentry when I got back to work, because we're trying to make a set tour-able. I actually had a lot of fun with it. I miss working in a shop. Then we had an orientation on Sunday, and today we actually had a snow day! The university is closed tomorrow, too. I think we only got 3 or 4 inches, but to SC that's enough to close down the state for two days. In PA, that might have warranted a delay, if anything. It is a bad time for storms, though, with classes starting Wednesday and everyone heading back. I hope everyone is traveling safely!

I've gotten everything unpacked and pretty much put away, finally. I came back with an entire shelving unit of new kitchen things, along with 12 new cookbooks. I swear, after my internship, I'm just going to stay here and sell baked goods off my front porch. My new vacuum is awesome, and I love my Wii storage tower. I have to hook up my wireless printer yet. That might be a job for tomorrow's snow day! Suffice to say, I brought back way too much stuff!

When I came back, I brought a companion. One of the second grade classes at my mom's school read the book Flat Stanley, and the students made flat versions of themselves to send out to various parts of the country, so I volunteered to bring one with me. So Flat Kylie and I made the trip back together. I got pictures of her at the Maryland, West Virgina, Virginia, and North Carolina state lines. I have to send her back in a week, so I'm hoping to get to Georgia or Tennessee yet. I'm thinking I'm going to check out the Nacoochee Village in Georgia or head to Knoxville, TN and poke around. At least this gives me an excuse to go exploring!

Well, I guess I'll head to bed. I'm fairly certain I don't have to work tomorrow, but I don't want to go to bed at 5AM and get a call that I have to go in!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello to any of you who read this! It's 2011! Only one more year until the world ends. :-P I rang in the New Year with a few friends and a lot of booze. Thinking about it now, it's really difficult to not throw up, but Whipped Cream Vodka and Root Beer was the best drink ever.

Well, my vacation is almost over. I head back to SC in 3 days. As fun as it's been to be home, I'm excited to get back to my house and try out my new vacuum, wireless printer, and other awesome stuff I got. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to put an addition on the kitchen to accommodate all the kitchen stuff and cookbooks I got.

I'll be home again in 10 weeks for Josh's wedding. My bosses refuse to answer my e-mail asking to leave March 16th, but I will with or without their permission. :-P After the wedding/spring break, I only have something like 9 weeks until the semester is over and 18 weeks until the internship is over. (Hopefully, I'll get some time off in there somewhere for an OBX trip.)

I thought I'd share some of my resolutions on here. I make them every year and I always keep them. ::sarcasm:: You never know, maybe this is the year I will!

1) Get in shape/become healthier. Cliche, I know, but for realz, I'm going to get back in a gym, become more active, and start to eat better.
2) Read more. A little less TV, a little more good, old-fashioned print on paper.
3) Continue to hone my skills and build knowledge - in cooking/baking, crocheting/sewing, theatre/electrics, etc.
4) Be a little more financially responsible and pay down some debt.
5) Be more charitable. I want to donate more of my time, money, and blood.

Well, maybe I'll go clean a little. Before I head back, I'd like to clean out my room here and the spare room a little. I have way too much crap and I feel like it'd be good to start the new year with a purge. Happy New Year!

New recipes tried lately: Apple Gingerbread, Pumpkin Pie Cake, Snickerdoodle Pie.
Current crochet pattern: "Time Flies"
(^Something new I'm trying.)