Saturday, May 26, 2012

On My Own Again

I am officially moved! I have been for a week, actually... I've just been going through phases of busy and lazy, and blogging took a back seat. I started this blog when I was out "on my own" in South Carolina for my internship. When that ended, I was back with my parents, not so on my own. Now I'm in Virginia, once again... on my own. It's rough this time because my dad was just diagnosed with untreatable bone cancer. If I hadn't already had the job, apartment, insurances, etc., I probably wouldn't have moved. Since everything was lined up, though, I pretty much had to. But. I'm half the distance from my family that I was in SC and I can go home whenever I have a couple of days off in a row, and hopefully my parents will get down to visit me before my dad gets too bad. It's all still just pretty unbelievable.

Aaanyway, I start at Busch Gardens on June 4th, and I go in the weekend before that for orientation/training. I had to go in the other day to do paperwork and get my drug test done. Weirdest drug test ever. They use hair instead of urine, and since there's none on my head, they had to take it from my chest. My first experience as a Busch Gardens employee was some little old lady named Betty shaving my chest. I feel like this job will be... a unique experience.

I absolutely love my apartment. It's just as big as my duplex in SC (if twice the rent...). I have yet to spot a roach inside. Although, I took the trash out after dark last night and there were quite a few scurrying around the sidewalk. As long as they stay out there, I'll just be sure not to go outside after dark! My appliances are amazing. My stove/oven is almost brand new, and way high tech... especially compared to my 80's reject oven in SC. So be prepared for lots of baking!

Well, I don't have a lot else to say. I just figured it was time for an update. I leave for the Outer Banks tomorrow to stay for a week, so I'll definitely have some beach posts coming. For your viewing pleasure, I'll leave you with some pictures of my amazing new apartment!

Living room/dining room. ^

Kitchen/laundry. ^

Bathroom. ^

Guest bedroom. ^

Master bedroom. ^

Ignore the messy desk in that last one. That's the only thing I have to tackle yet!

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