Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random Thoughts

I cooked tonight! Not a new recipe, though... or a recipe at all for that matter.... I fried up a piece of ham, sprinkled it with some black pepper, and drizzled it with some honey. I steamed some veggies, and baked some sweet potato fries. It was fast and easy, yet delicious. Plus, the whole meal cost about $3.50.

Besides my scrumptious supper, I had a few random thoughts and quotes that I wanted to share. I recently started subscribing to Whole Living magazine. It's totally aimed at women, but I was hoping to get some healthy recipes and advice out of them. While I haven't actually found any worthwhile recipes yet, there's a page in each issue with 10 Thoughts. They're just random little quotes and pearls of wisdom. I'm not going to post all of them, but I want to share some that really struck me.

June Issue:
#3 - Think about the places or environments that bring out the best in you. Now figure out a way to visit them more often.
#7 - Time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time.
#9 - The upside to grand failures: they make great stories.

July Issue:
#2 - When our life stories start to sound predictable, it's time for a rewrite.
#4 - Summer tomatoes: the universe's way of reminding us that good-for-you food tends to be delicious. (While I don't like tomatoes, I like the idea. Just substitute "peaches" or "strawberries" for "tomatoes".)
#7 - Perpetually good advice from James Brown: "Get up offa that thing and dance 'til you feel better!"

The July issue also had a Summer Bucket List of 30 things to do this summer. Again, I'm not going to re-post the whole thing, you'll have to go out and buy the magazine if you want it. I will post some of the things that I think you should go out and do, though!

#1 - Prep all of your meals for a day without using a stove or oven.
#4 - Run through a meadow, a la The Sound of Music.
#6 - Be the first one at the farmer's market.
#7 - Take more pictures, without feeling weird and self-conscious.
#8 - Re-read your favorite novel.
#9 - Get caught in the rain and like it. Dance in it, even!
#10 - Take a road trip.
#14 - Nap so hard and long that you can't remember where you are when you wake up.
#18 - Smell like salt-water all day long.
#20 - Build a campfire.
#22 - Grow something green.
#24 - Hike to the summit of a mountain.
#25 - Stargaze.
#27 - Eat all the plums, peaches, cherries, and watermelon that you possibly can.
#28 - Watch a sunrise and a sunset. And it doesn't count if you do it just to post pictures on Facebook.
#30 - Keep a journal, collect seashells, or do something else to remember how much fun you're having.

So there are your random thoughts for the day. Just a few things that I really liked and thought that I would share. Make the best out of your summer!

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  1. I really like June #9 and July #2, and the tomato one (and I'm not substituting anything else for tomatoes.) Not using a stove or oven to cook - do microwaves count? Because that's pretty much what I use. I did #8, #22, and #28 (and yes, I did post the pics on FB, but I would have still watched it even if that wasn't an option. :-P) I refuse to do #9.

    Good post!


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