Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Fun

So I was on Pinterest today, and a summer to-do list popped up on my feed. With my new job, I get July and August off, so I thought it would be fun to make a list of things that I would like to do this summer.

Now, it's not one of those "I have to do EVERYTHING or summer is RUINED" kind of lists, just some stuff that I want to try to do, and things to make the summer fun! I ended up with 25 things... mostly because that's how many lines were on my tablet.
Summer Fun List

1) Go to the beach.
At least once... probably more.
2) Go camping.
A lot. So far I'm planning on PA, VA, and NC.
3) Make my own ice cream.
I remember doing this as a kid... I wonder if Mom still has the ice cream maker?!
4) Read 10 new books.
10 is a solid number. Maybe more? We'll see!
5) Lose weight.
50 pounds would be nice. I'm aiming for 10.
6) Can/freeze something.
I'm growing tomatoes... maybe spaghetti sauce??
7) Have a fondue night.
Love fondue, and no cooking!
8) Go to a theme park.
I'm already planning on Busch Gardens. And Knoebel's. Maybe even Hershey??
9) Catch up with friends.
I have lots of friends nearby now that I've fallen out of touch with.
10) Visit a city.
Almost definitely NYC. Maybe a day in Philly, too?
11) Have a picnic by the lake.
Burgers on the grill, anyone?
12) Donate blood.
I've been lax about this lately. And I want new tattoos soon so I won't be able to.
13) Try new recipes.
Lots of them!
14) Go to a carnival/fair.
Fried oreos! Gyros! Funnel cake! This one may be at odds with #5.
15) Have an all-day movie marathon of movies I haven't seen.
I don't mean just 3 or 4 movies. I mean, like, 8am to midnight.
16) Go hiking.
This could go hand-in-hand with the camping, but it doesn't have to!
17) See a new lighthouse.
Or several.
18) Find some new waterfalls.
A day at Rickett's Glen, maybe?
19) Make fresh-squeezed lemon/lime/orangeade.
I don't know if I've ever actually made a whole pitcher of lemonade from scratch....
20) Digitalize some photos.
I've done most photos from my dad's side. I want to sit down with my maternal grandmother, a scanner, and some photo albums.
 21) Send some gifts/treats/care packages to random people.
If I see something or bake something that I think someone would like, I want to send it to them!
22) Learn something new.
I've been meaning to learn at least the basics of a new language. Or maybe a new cooking technique? Cake decorating? Hmm....
23) Watch some fireworks.
Fourth of July? Busch Gardens? I want to see some somewhere!
24) Find a new winery.
I think there are at least a couple around here I could check out.
25) Spend time with family.
I'm close to home now, and have time off. I want to see the people that I love as much as possible!

This summer has the potential to be amazing! Let's see what happens!

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