Saturday, June 11, 2011

Martini Mania

So I've decided that I need to branch out in my cocktails. I'm tired of going to a bar and ordering a screwdriver or tequila sunrise because I know I like it. So I'm stocking up my home bar and I'm going to make new cocktails to try. I just made a simple vodka martini. I've had delicious flavored martinis out before, but I've never just ordered a martini. My Bartender's Black Book said that the perfect (not dry) martini is 3 1/2 oz. vodka or gin and 1/2 oz. vermouth, so that's what I did. I garnished with maraschino cherries since I don't like olives or cocktail onions.

All-in-all, it's not terrible. I feel classy drinking it, so it could be a good alone-at-the-bar drink. It's pretty freakin' strong, though. I have to concentrate to not make a face when I take a sip. I was going to try a gin martini tonight, too, but I'm only halfway through this vodka one and it's getting a little warm in here.

Stay tuned for more cocktail adventures. I'm considering working through my Periodic Table of Mixology instead of choosing random ones from my Black Book, but the periodic table is a poster, and it doesn't look real classy hanging up. :-P

Tried the gin martini, with the same measurements as the vodka martini, and I loved it! Gin is growing on me. It was less "kick-in-the-mouth-y" than the vodka variety.

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