Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chasing Waterfalls - King Creek Falls

I'm running out of time to see the 10 South Carolina waterfalls that I wanted to see before leaving. King Creek Falls makes 8. Last night around 7:30PM, I decided that I could make it there and back before dark. I actually did it. It was only about a half-mile hike one way. I would have had even more daylight, but I missed the parking area and drove around the mountains for twenty minutes.

When I finally found the parking area, I had to go down a gravel road for about a quarter mile, till I reached the quarter mile-long trail. On the trail, I made a friend:

Since I was in a hurry to beat the darkness, we didn't really have time to bond and I didn't name him. I continued on the nice little trail till I found the falls. There was only one couple there, that I can only describe as hippy-looking. They had two very friendly dogs that I got to pet. They left pretty much right as I got there, though, so once again I had some falls to myself!

It was very pretty and I'm not gonna lie - whenever I'm alone at a waterfall, I'm tempted to just strip down and play in the water. I've restrained myself thus far. :-P

I didn't stay too long, but I had a look around before heading back. I did have a bit of an awkward photo shoot, just for my blog readers. :-P

I have 2 more falls to see before I leave. They're both fairly easy/short hikes, so I can do them after work. So look forward to at least two more SC waterfall posts!

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