Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I haven't been baking lately, and it's been too wet and snowy for hiking, but I need to post something! There's been a lot of buzz lately about marriage equality. So... let's take a minute to talk about "gay marriage". First of all, I kind of hate that term. When two heterosexuals get married, it isn't called "straight marriage". I just don't get what the big deal is. Before I get into too heated an argument, let me share this link.

It's a national poll on "gay marriage". I would love it if everyone could go there and vote in support of it, so we can show that there are more loving, open-minded people in the country than bigoted homophobes. When I first found that poll, the support contingent was over 1,000 votes behind the opposition. Now (at the time of this post) the support is leading by over 23,000. That's amazing!

Now on to my heated argument. My biggest pet peeve is when people try to use religion and the Bible as an argument against marriage equality. If we went by everything the Bible tells us, we wouldn't be able to eat shellfish or pork; it would be perfectly fine to own slaves; any child who disrespects their parents can be killed; and every man would have a bad-ass beard because shaving was frowned upon.

There's all that and more here. So the next time someone tells you the Bible says that God hates gay people, ask them when the last time was that they shaved, ate bacon, or had shrimp.

Even worse than the religious nuts going around misrepresenting the Bible are the people who claim that marriage is too sacred a union to let gay people marry. Yep, because straight people treat it with so much respect. If marriage is so sacred, maybe we should make divorce and annulment illegal. The next time some celebrity has a two-day marriage, maybe it should be illegal for them to ever marry again. The other argument is that only man and woman should marry because they can have children. So... anyone who is infertile or doesn't want kids shouldn't be allowed to get married, right?

As of now, only 6 states (Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York), and Washington D.C. have legalized gay marriage. Even in some of these states, there is a relentless procession bills introduced to take away the right. How would straight couples like it if the legality of their marriage could be taken away at any time, depending on which way the votes swing?

If any of the Republican presidential candidates that are running right now get into the White House, I'm fairly confident that not only will all gay rights disappear, but they will probably open up camps for gays to live in, so the public isn't further corrupted. Homosexuality spreads like a disease, you know.

So please, take a minute and vote in support of gay marriage. It's 2012. Some dudes marry dudes, and some chicks marry chicks. Get over it.

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