Wednesday, May 25, 2011

OBX Part 1 1/2

So this will be a short post, but I have to share what just happened. I just went through my own personal horror movie. Take all of the emotions that a horror flick invokes, and cram it into a 45-minute walk on the beach.

It all started out beautifully. I went down to the beach at sunset for a short walk. There were other people around - couples, a guy with a dog, some girls jogging. I picked a direction and started walking. The beach and ocean were gorgeous, the people were friendly, I was barefoot at the edge of the water.... I walked for probably 20 minutes before I realized it was getting darker faster than expected.

I turned around and started back, but I really had no idea how far I had gone, and after awhile all the houses and walkways over the dunes start to look the same. The ghost crabs started to come out full force, and the tide had turned, so the beach was getting skinnier and I was getting wetter. All the friendly people that were around had disappeared. So I'm alone on an almost-dark beach, with an angry ocean trying to kill me, surrounded by crabs.

By the time I finally found our walkway, I was sweaty and traumatized. I had started out all happy rainbows and unicorns, which turned into slight concern, which quickly turned into the realization that I would probably die alone on the beach and get washed out to sea and never seen again.

I know I was never in any real danger, and at any point I could have picked a walkway and gone down the road instead, but it was a new and exciting experience, and I'm still slightly damp. :-P

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