Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back in PA Partay

So Friday I had a few friends over for a welcome home party. That's right, I threw myself a welcome home party. What of it?

It's nice to be back home, leading a life of leisure. My only problem is that I don't get to cook and bake almost every day anymore. I'm sure I could, but I never want to disrupt my mom's plans for dinner, and I don't want to bake constantly because I don't have co-workers to share with anymore, and I've gained about 10 pounds since I moved home as it is. No. Really.

My party was a nice release for all the built-up culinary tension in me. I made Cheddar Potatoes, my Aunt Cathy's meatballs, Bongo-Bongo Dip, Cookies 'n' Cream Brownies, and a super awesome "Under the Sea" Cake. My mom made Deviled Eggs for me since hers are the best and I can never get mine exactly the same.

Awesome cake:

Delicious brownies:

We also had more alcohol than a typical bar. I tried very hard to get drunk, but I had eaten too much delicious food. :-p Some of us then camped out in tents, until the next morning when it started to rain, and we discovered our big tent leaked. I mean, it is something like twenty years old. You can't blame the thing.

So last Friday was super fun, and it was nice to catch up with everyone. I'm going to start cooking and baking more, especially when Mom gets back to school. She has co-workers I can bake things for! Although, I applied for a job today that I actually used networking to find out about. A friend of the brother of a friend told me I should apply for the House Manager position at the Fulton Theatre because he works there. With any luck, I could be moving to Lancaster soon! *fingers crossed*

I don't want my blog to fall by the wayside, so I'm ordering my PA Waterfalls book tonight or tomorrow. I'll have some more hiking blogs, and I'll start up with the culinary arts again. I've also got about 5 crochet projects going, so as I finish them, I'm sure I'll blog about it. I know my hundreds of readers need to be kept up to date! :-p

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  1. Yes! Bake lots of things for your mom's co-workers! Especially throughout the month of September! :-D


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