Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chasing Waterfalls - Brasstown Falls

So the night before leaving South Carolina, I managed to make it to one last waterfall - Brasstown Falls. Which means... I made my goal of seeing 10 SC waterfalls! If/when I make it back to visit my Brooks buddies, maybe I'll take my pack and do another one. I was thinking I could after In the Heights, but Woody won't respond as to whether or not I can work, so it's not looking good.

So Thursday night after packing up all of my worldly possessions and loading up the truck, I headed out for this one last South Carolinian hike. It started out well... I got lost and ended up in Georgia. :-P I realized where I went wrong and finally made it to the trail head. The trail was nice and short and flat... until I got to the actual falls. There's a steep, rocky cliff that you have to fight your way down. As I climbed down as gracefully as possible, I realized that there were half a dozen people watching me. Apparently it's a popular spot.

The falls had three tiers. The first is where all the people were watching me look like an idiot.

They were nice and moved for me so I could get some people-less shots of the falls, though.

As I was about to head to the second tier, one of the guys came up to me and said that I probably didn't want to take the lower trail since there was a yellow jacket nest hidden somewhere and a couple of guys got stung about 20 times earlier. If that man ever reads this blog... thank you. lol

I opted to take the high road, as it were, and fought my way to the second tier of the falls. The "path" was steep, rocky, and exhausting. I made it to he second tier, though, and it was awwweeeesssooommmeeeee.

This is the first one I've seen that you could stand under like a shower. lol

There was a third tier, but I was tired and in the middle of moving, but here's a shot looking over the edge:

There were some more people down there swimming, and I didn't feel like fighting my way over more cliff while people watched me flail. lol

This was definitely one of my favorite series of falls, but I wish it had been more secluded. (Although the warning about the yellow jackets was nice!)

I'm excited to start getting out to see some PA waterfalls. I'm ordering this book from Amazon. I think it's the same person who wrote the SC Waterfalls guide I was using. My friends and I have also talked about going to Ricketts Glen State Park for a weekend and seeing the waterfalls there.

Seeing as this was my last SC waterfall for awhile, I had to get an awkward pic of me in front of it!

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  1. I'm going to Ricketts Glen for the first time with my family on Saturday! Would you like to come along? It'll be me, my parents, Michael, Mary, and Andy. Let me know. :)


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