Sunday, October 10, 2010


So. I've decided a few things while contemplating my want of change in my life.

1) I shall figure out a way to work out without spending any money. While I do love a good gym, and it would be easier to stick to a routine at a gym, there are plenty of ways to get in shape without spending money I don't have. First of all, I've decided to make my guest room into a yoga/meditation room. Yoga did good things for me in college, I have about a hundred podcast yoga workouts, and I need a use for that space anyway. I've been saving it as a "guest room", but the chances of my getting guests are pretty much nil, and if I would happen to, I can still pull out the air mattress. I will also start to walk/run. If I happen to be up, I can do it in the morning. If not, I can do it after work. I would feel safer running around campus than around my house, and there are showers at the theatre, so maybe I'll just start taking a gym bag to work with me. I also found this awesome little recreation area by the lake that I could take walks/jogs/bike rides around. Basically, I want to create a healthier, hotter, more physically and mentally sound me.

2) I will not sleep until mid-afternoon anymore. I'll sleep in, of course, but sleeping in should mean 10:00AM or 11:00AM, not 3:00PM. I've made a list of places I want to go and things I want to see within a few hours of here. If I actually get up and go instead of sitting around doing nothing all day, I'll feel much better about myself, and know I've made the most of my time here.

3) I need to be smarter about my diet. While I do make a fair amount of healthy meals, I need to cut down on the junk food, fast food, and overeating. I'm not saying I'll become a "my body is a temple" kind of person right away, but I can make little changes and work my way up to a healthy lifestyle. I'm thinking about doing a fruit and veggie cleanse in the next week or two. I was considering the Master Cleanse, but that's a little drastic and scary. A fruit and veggie cleanse would just detox me and prepare me for a healthier diet.

Now, I'm really good at making plans and talking big, but I rarely follow through. I would really like to stick to this plan, though, since a heart attack in the next few years doesn't sound like fun. So if anyone sees me with a bag of chips at the grocery store, take them away from me and punch me in the face. K, thanks.

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