Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mi Casa

So the weekend of Halloween is Fall Break at Clemson. I should have Sat-Tues off. I think most of the people I know are going home. Since it would be pointless for me to go to PA for all of a day or two when Thanksgiving is right around the corner, I think I'll undertake a project. While I love my house, it still needs a little something, so I'm going to take the long weekend to put the finishing touches on everything. And the nice part is, I get three paychecks this month instead of two, so I'll have a little extra cash with which to purchase supplies. Here is my to-do list:

1) Throughout the whole house - vacuum, dust, scrub, mop, whatever needs done to make it sparkle and shine.

2) Paint the living room, my bedroom, the second bedroom, touch up the bathroom, and paint the cabinets in the kitchen a less-pukey green.

3) Create my "meditation room". Plants, pillows, art, candles, yoga mat, etc.

4) Clean up the yard. Trim the grass, get rid of the big branches that have fallen, clean off the porch roof, re-pot my big leafy plant, clean the cobwebs off everything.

5) Finish all my little decorating projects that are half-finished. Fill the rest of my picture frames, paint my comedy/tragedy masks a nicer color, find a shelf for the bathroom, and find some storage solutions for my bedroom.

I feel like if I make my house look as good as possible, I'll be happier; and a cleaner house will make me healthier. So this whole project really goes along with my bigger 'make me a better me' campaign. Maybe I'll even get up the nerve to ask some people over once my house is magnificent. :-)

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  1. This sounds like a huge mission and I'd love to see before and after photos... I think renovation is one of the things I'm most looking forward to about having my own place in the future!


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