Saturday, October 16, 2010

Structured Mood Elevation

Hi, blog. Sorry it's been a few days, but my life got crazy! Today is my first day off in two weeks and I was going to be productive and/or do something fun, but I ended up sleeping and lazing around all day. Granted, I probably needed a day like that. I still want to get a crock pot of chili made to freeze, run to the store, and possibly do some laundry... but I'm sure most of you don't care about my errands. :-P

Since most of my other posts have been about improving myself/my life, I think I'm going to continue along that route. Lately, I've been trying to be a more pleasant person. I mean, sarcasm and speaking my mind are part of who I am, but I'd like to be less moody and confrontational. I work with some people who are pleasant all the time and rarely complain, and it's made me take a closer look at myself.

Now, I'm not saying I go around yelling at people all the time and hate everything around me. (Like a certain someone I met here once whose name rhymes with Schmelsea.) But when I get frustrated or tired, I bite people's heads off more than I should, and get defensive and cranky. I'm sure a lot of people do that, but I hate when I do and regret it later. I'm hoping other steps I'm taking to improve myself will help with this problem. Eating right and exercising, and getting myself balanced will, hopefully, help. If I like myself more, maybe it will reflect on the way I interact with others. I'm going to start making schedules for myself, like getting up, working out, eating, working, cleaning, going to bed, etc. I want to be able to make a fairly structured plan for my days, so I can eliminate getting nothing accomplished, sleeping all day, skipping exercise, and eating junk food.

Now this might be tough since I usually don't know until the day before if I'm going to have to work 1PM-5PM or 6AM-11PM, but I'm going to try. Even if I just take some time at night before I go to bed to make a schedule for the next day, I can take it a day at a time. Any suggestions for improving my mood (aside from drugs and alcohol :-P) would be much appreciated!

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