Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm a blogger!

Hi, all. I've decided that I should start a blog. Between my recent viewing of Julie & Julia, and my friend Josh's blog, I thought I'd give it a go.

I haven't decided on any one topic, so it will probably be a mishmash of anything I'm interested in... cooking, theatre, travel, my life, etc. To start off, if anyone besides my friends and family decide to follow me, here's some background info on me:
In 2009, I graduated from Gettysburg College and tried to get a job in the wonderful world of theatre. Many months and hundreds of resumes later, nothing panned out, so I entered the world of retail. I had been working in shoes and fine jewelry for almost exactly one year when the fine folks at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts at Clemson University in South Carolina decided to give me a shot.

I am now the Production Intern at the Brooks Center. I'm having a blast and learning a ton about technical theatre. I am the master electrician for the Brooks Theatre, and help with anything else that needs to be done. While I don't know that I want to make a career in electrics, this is a great learning experience, I'm having a great time, and I'm out of retail!

So for now, I'll mostly blog about my (mis)adventures in theatre, my search for a job after this internship ends, my experiments with cooking, my adventures around SC/GA/NC/TN, living on my own, and the people I meet along the way.

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  1. What adventures have you gone on so far? I haven't heard about any, and I am the adventure expert. You need to keep me informed. lol


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